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If you have been asked to provide spousal support payments after a divorce, or if you need to enter into negotiations with your former spouse so that you may receive spousal support payments, then consult with our Yonkers spousal support lawyer for qualified, knowledgeable representation. Spousal support is meant to provide financial stability for a former spouse, either permanently or for a short-term arrangement. These payments enable the spouse to continue to live at an acceptable standard of life, as agreed upon by both parties.

Determining the Duration of your Payments

A short or long term plan may be negotiated depending on certain factors in each spouse's life. Current employment, compared with future employability, is often considered, as well as any disabilities either spouse may have, and any financial obligations the spouses may face after the separation.

Some of the most common types of support include:

  • Temporary support: An agreement that extends over a brief, predetermined length of time.
  • Rehabilitative support: Payments that cover the time until the spouse can achieve independent financial stability.
  • Duration support: Long-term payments that continue for the remainder of the spouse's life.

Our Yonkers Divorce Attorney Helps You with Post-Divorce Modifications

Should you need to revisit the terms of your spousal support arrangement, our legal team is prepared to guide you through the negotiations. Our priority lies in preserving your standard of life and enabling you to confidently move forward from your divorce. We value regular communication with our clients, and this comes in handy when you decide you might need to change the terms of your alimony payment after the decree is finalized.

Because our team at The King Law Firm is already familiar with your case, it is easy to re-enter your negotiations and bring you to a more favorable arrangement. Spousal support agreements are sometimes re-negotiated based on either spouse's change in job, income, living situation, or other factors that alter your level of financial need.

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