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Free yourself from domestic abuse by consulting with our Yonkers family law lawyer at The King Law Firm We guide you through the steps necessary to receive an order of protection. An order of protection is intended to liberate you and your children from a dangerous marriage, often through removing the individual from your home. In certain circumstances, the court may merely issue an order to the respondent to cease all violent action.

An order of protection can legally prohibit the individual from:

  • Being present in your home
  • Calling you or your children
  • Assaulting you or your family
  • Stalking you or your family

Should the terms of your order of protection be violated, the individual faces jail time and other serious consequences meant to further protect you as the victim of domestic abuse. If your life is in danger, summon the aid of our legal team and know that we work quickly and aggressively to bring you and your children into a more safe environment. Our team is dedicated to your well-being.

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When an Order of Protection is Filed Against You

If you find yourself in the position of having an order of protection filed against you, and you feel that the individual filing the order does not have just cause to do so, contact our Yonkers family law attorney. We can guide you through the steps necessary to protect your relationship with your children, and to defend your reputation. An order of protection can prevent you from access to your home, your assets, and your loved ones. It can have devastating consequences on your relationships and your daily activities. Let us help you fight it.

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