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A court contested divorce can be a very painful process for both spouses, and can have long lasting effects on many members of the family beyond the spouses involved. Whenever possible, our legal team at The King Law Firm guides clients toward peaceful mediations, facilitated by trained third party professionals. This option keeps negotiations and proceedings out of court, and can contribute to a much faster path back for individuals to return to healthy normalcy and remain together as a family.

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Our Yonkers Divorce Lawyer Works to Effectively Help You Maintain Control

Our law firm's core values of trust and communication are most clearly seen in the process of mediation. Our exclusive practice in family law has provided us with extensive experience working with clients as they negotiate through mediation. We work with the mediators and clients to draw up agreements in legal terms so that every party walks away with a clear understanding.

Many additional benefits to mediation include:

  • Smoother transition to a new life. Whether the spouses decide to work out their differences or continue with the separation, mediation facilitates a more amiable transition.
  • Settling property and asset division outside of court, where each spouse's interests can be heard in an open environment. Divisions are made on your own terms, rather than the terms of the court.
  • Less hostile environment for any children involved. When couples are willing to enter into mediation, children are free of the emotional burden experienced in many harrowing court dates.

Protecting Your Family from the Contentious Matters of Divorce

Meet with our Yonkers divorce attorney in a free, no-obligation consultation. We can discuss your options with you and recommend the most positive way to proceed forward with mediation. Whether you wish to continue with the separation outside of court or not, our divorce lawyer is prepared to protect you and your interests in whatever form the divorce may take.

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