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Filing for a divorce is not your only option in a conflict with your spouse, and it may not be your best option. At The King Law Firm, our Yonkers legal separation attorney has extensive experience compassionately and intelligently advising clients on what the right course of action is, based on your circumstances. As we sensitively collect pertinent information from the first moment of our free consultation, we will help decide with you if a legal separation might be the best option for your circumstances.

Why not just file for divorce?

Sometimes, divorce is the best solution for a strained marriage. Individuals can no longer see continuing the relationship and move toward a permanent separation. However, some couples wrongly believe divorce is their only option.

Separation affords couples the following benefits:

  • In many cases, a legal separation allows the continuation of health benefits for a dependent spouse. This can ease the transition of couples seeking to amiably move in different directions.
  • Individuals have the time to step away from the intensity of conflict that often characterizes households filing for divorce, and decide if a divorce is the correct course of action.
  • In military couples, spouses qualify for lifetime health benefits after 10 years of marriage. A legal separation can allow individuals to live separately while waiting for this time to pass.
  • Social Security benefits also extend to couples who have been married for 10 years. A legal separation can allow individuals to qualify for these benefits, despite separate living quarters.

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It is not legally advisable for couples to decide to live in separate residences without formalizing the separation. The failure to use an attorney to draw up a legally binding document can create significant conflict if disputes arise pertaining to childcare, distribution of possessions, or ownership of property. We have earned an Excellent rating on Avvo for our exceptional, reasonably priced service to clients, as we help you navigate the unfamiliar waters.

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