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In the best case scenario for a divorce, the process will continue uncontested. Both parties reach an amiable conclusion and negotiations proceed smoothly, with each party adeptly represented by skilled divorce attorneys who professionally protect each party's rights. Unfortunately, not all divorces proceed in this manner and some become contentious.

Occasionally, one of the spouses will either disagree with an element of the agreement, or refuse to cooperate altogether with the divorce. This type of divorce is called a contested divorce. A contested divorce makes a complicated situation even more grueling. The process slows, and the already significant impact of the divorce becomes exponentially greater. Our experienced Yonkers divorce lawyer at The King Law Firm is the tool you need to successfully navigate both smooth and complicated divorces.

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Be Prepared for Divorce Litigation

Should your divorce go to trial, our legal team is prepared to stand up for you and guide you through negotiations. Your case can be best represented through a calm, professional presentation of the facts regarding your separation and divorce. We build your portfolio in a way that moves you toward the most favorable arrangements regarding child custody, division of assets, and more, even in the most hostile of contested divorce environments. We are on your side. We are prepared to fight for you.

Regardless of circumstances, having an attorney on your side is essential for:

Complimentary Consultations for Every Case

Even if you are reasonably certain that your divorce will progress uncontested from your spouse, consult with our legal team to make sure you are confident in what to expect as your divorce proceeds. We can recommend to you the best course of action to pursue to help facilitate a divorce that concludes as smooth as possible and benefits you and your family.

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