Is it Okay to Use Social Media During Your Divorce?

Many of us use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to remain connected with our friends and family or to forge new connections. However, sharing your life with others online can present some very real dangers if you continue to do so during the divorce process. Your posts can harm you in court and be used against you as evidence. The best thing you can do at this time is to refrain from using social media until after your divorce is finalized.

Here are some of the dangers you can potentially face if you continue to stay active on social media as you dissolve your marriage:

  • Photos can reveal a lot: Posting photos is a major part of social media usage, but during a divorce, they can become a liability. For example, if you post pictures of yourself partying or out at a bar, it might make you seem irresponsible, which could harm your chances of obtaining the child custody arrangement you are fighting for. Pictures are often misleading, so do not risk posting something that can easily be taken out of context.
  • You might not know who is on your side: You and your spouse probably share a lot of mutual friends on social media, so even if you remove your spouse from your friend’s list, one of your mutual friends might put your information into the wrong hands. Instead of trying to guess which of your friends is still on your side, stay off social media or avoid posting any personal details regarding your life.
  • Venting can get you into trouble: A lot of people turn to social media to vent about the stressors in their life. However, Facebook is not the place to badmouth your ex or vent about the issues going on in your divorce. These online rants will come back to haunt you in court, especially if you have children. You do not want a judge to think you would be an uncooperative co-parent.
  • Posts can expose your lifestyle habits: If you are trying to fight for lower spousal support payments and claim to unable to afford it, but post online about vacations, outings, or pricey purchases, a judge will think you are a liar. You might also be accused of wastefully dissipating assets or hiding assets, which can impact how your marital assets are divided.

If you do continue to use social media at this time, never post about your divorce and, if you are ever unsure about a post, ask your divorce attorney for advice.

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