Will Dating Affect My Divorce?

Whether you’ve been married for a short time or decades, you probably never imagined returning to the dating pool again. The nerve-wracking transition into singlehood must be approached cautiously as everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to the way they handle dating post-divorce. While the state of New York does not penalize people for dating while in the midst of a divorce, there are still specific variables which can negatively impact your settlement.

Leaving a bad relationship opens the possibility of entering a great one, but many people need time to grieve their marriage before they attempt to date. Conversely, if you find yourself ready and willing to get back out there, you may feel like fast-forwarding through this transitionary period. However, there are countless reasons why dating too quickly may leave you worse off than before.

Why Should I Wait?

Sometimes, people meet someone new before divorce has even been brought up. This can be used against you and while it may not have tangible consequences, it will undoubtedly prolong and complicate this process. Firstly, even if you are excited about this life change, you have to acknowledge your emotional vulnerability. Jumping into a relationship before you have grieved the loss of your marriage is not the best idea.

Another instance in which dating before your divorce is over may not be ideal is if you share children with your ex. Even if you keep your new relationship discreet, your children will likely pick up on what’s happening and may be confused or angered by this new development. Your relationship with your children may already be under strain during this time, which is why you should exercise care before causing additional damage.

I Don’t Want to Wait—Now What?

Despite these valid reasons against dating before your divorce is finalized, the majority of people don’t abide by these suggestions. This is, in part, due to the fact that some divorces last longer than the marriage ever did. In these instances, you cannot be expected to miss out on companionship or love until the legalities are over.

A potentially successful relationship does not deserve to be put on hold, but it does not need to be showcased either. As with any new relationship, discretion is key--but this is even truer when you are separated or divorcing. Blasting photos or details of your new significant other is not only tasteless, it may have real consequences with your friends, children, professional life, and more.

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