Signs That Indicate You Should Consider a Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is not an easy choice to make and, oftentimes, it can be difficult to know when or if it is the right step to take. How do you know when you should try to make the marriage work or when it is time to pull the plug? It is completely normal to feel torn while making this decision. Thankfully, there are some signs that are pretty effective indicators that you should cut your losses and file for a divorce.

Of course, only you know what is best for yourself, so search yourself for answers and then evaluate the list of signs we compiled to decide what was right for your future. If you make the decision to dissolve your marriage, make sure you hire experienced legal representation as soon as possible to ensure you get started on the right path.

Recognizing the Signs

If you are already questioning whether you need to get a divorce or not, your marriage is already in some trouble, but that might not necessarily mean divorce is the answer.

Below are some signs that are strong indicators that you might need to call it quits on your marriage:

  • You prefer to be alone and even the mere idea of being single again makes you feel happy. If you are also thinking of how great it would be to get out there and date again, this is also a pretty major sign that you should get a divorce.
  • The thought of your spouse touching you makes you shudder. Physical intimacy and touch are major components of a marriage, so if you loathe the idea of being touched by your spouse, there is a definite problem in your marriage.
  • You or your spouse keep having extramarital affairs. If neither of you can seem to stay faithful to one another, this is a pretty clear sign that it might be time to end things.
  • Nothing your spouse can do could potentially change how you feel about your marriage. In some cases, people can work on changing certain things about their relationship or themselves to make a marriage work, but if you cannot fathom staying with your spouse despite these changes, there really is no reason for you to continue to move forward.
  • You tried marriage counseling with fruitless results. The fact is that if you tried just about everything, including marriage counseling, and still cannot seem to make your marriage work, it might be time to end things.
  • You are fully aware of your reasons for wanting a divorce. Some people cannot quite put their finger on the problems within their marriage or, at least, do not have one single stand-out reason for wanting a divorce. However, if you know exactly what is wrong and have a solid understanding of your reasoning, it is time to take action and do what is best for your happiness.

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