Is Divorce Mediation the Right Choice for Me?

There are a variety of methods for couples to dissolve their marriage, some of which can keep them out of the courtroom and ensure they maintain some control over the outcome. Mediation, for example, typically takes less time, costs less, and will keep divorcing spouses out of the courtroom if they are able to successfully resolve each key issue. How would you know if this approach is right for you and your spouse?

Should I Choose Mediation?

Generally, as long as you and your spouse agree that a divorce is the best course of action and there is no history of domestic violence, you will both be able to benefit from this process. If you distrust your spouse regarding your finances or believe he or she is marital assets, divorce mediation would not be right for you. Lastly, it is crucial to be able to work together and be capable of compromising on a solution. If you and your spouse are too at odds with one another, divorce mediation might be a wasted pursuit.

That said, it is in the interests of both spouses to consider mediation as a viable option for divorcing. Below are some of the benefits it provides:

  • It is less emotionally challenging: The divorce process is difficult for just about anyone to handle, but you can ease the stress of it by opting for a less inherently hostile approach. Mediation encourages spouses to work together to achieve a common goal, instead of creating an environment where both parties feel compelled to battle it out for a settlement. As such, you are both likely to experience less heartache with this option.
  • It will take less time: Since you will not have to spend any time in court and will forego a lengthy discovery process, your divorce will take up far less time in mediation than it ever would if you opted for mediation.
  • It will cost less money: Time and money go hand in hand, so you can also expect divorce mediation to make less of a dent in your bank account. The fact that mediation tends to have a smaller price tag is one of the biggest draws for couples to choose this method.
  • It is better for your children: If you and your spouse have children, your relationship will not end once you untie the knot with a divorce. You will still have to be effective co-parents. Divorce mediation will get both of you started on learning how to cooperate with one another and it will help minimize hurt feelings and resentment, which litigation often fuels.
  • Your private lives will remain confidential: If privacy is important to you, then choosing litigation is the wrong path for your family. Divorce litigation is a private affair, which means the sordid details of your divorce will be available to anyone. Divorce mediation, however, allows you to keep this matter confidential.

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