Is It a Good Idea to Date During Divorce?

Divorce can leave a person longing for the type of love and affection that was prevalent during the beginning of a marriage, or even during the dating/courting phase. In fact, many people cannot wait to move on from their marriage and enter the dating scene once again before the divorce is even finalized. But is that a good idea?

Here are several reasons why it is wise to refrain from dating before the divorce process is over:

  • Result in a more complicated divorce. While dating will not affect your divorce legally, it could lead to much long and more hotly contested process. Furthermore, a longer divorce can substantially increase the overall cost.
  • Can negatively affect your final settlement. Dating someone prior to the end of a divorce can be used against you as evidence of adultery or unfaithfulness to your spouse during marriage. If you have kids, your spouse could use it against you to obtain child custody rights.
  • Can negatively affect your children. Divorce can cause emotional turmoil for everyone involved, especially kids. Bringing someone new into their lives while dealing with the permanent separation of the family unit can be difficult to process and even traumatizing.
  • Unfair to the person you are dating. Divorces typically last months, even years, before it is finalized. Do you think you are ready to devote your time and efforts into a new love interest? It is best to consider all of the factors of having someone new in your life. Rushing into things may not be fair to the other person.

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