The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

For spouses who are planning to divorce, there might be some uncertainty regarding how to go about the process. Given how often television and movies depict divorces as a nasty courtroom battle, it might seem like the only way forward is to appear before a judge, but the fact is most divorces are able to settle out of court. One approach that will keep you and your spouse out of court as you dissolve your marriage is a collaborative divorce. This effective method for divorce allows spouses to end their marriage without much of the hostility and resentment that can surface through litigation.

Here are some of the many benefits a collaborative divorce can provide:

  • You and your spouse will be able to have more control over the outcome of your divorce. If it goes through litigation, a judge will be the one calling the shots on your settlement, which might not make either of you happy.
  • You will have an opportunity to settle issues based on compromise rather than having a judge make any of these important life-altering decisions.
  • Attorney fees and court costs add up in litigation. In a collaborative divorce, however, costs are often kept down, making this a less expensive option.
  • Litigation can be incredibly time-consuming, particularly because you are at the whim of the busy schedules of divorce courts. If you choose a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will be able to choose where and when you will meet to work out your settlement agreement.
  • Given the more active roles both parties take on, there is also often less stress and anxiety involved in collaborative divorces.
  • If children are involved, going through the collaborative divorce process can be very conducive toward nurturing a cooperative co-parenting relationship. This process will teach you a lot about yourselves and how to move forward as parents without animosity and anger.

Collaborative Divorce Services in the Yonkers

Litigation is not the only way to go about divorce. The alternative dispute resolution process can help you and your spouse stay out of court, which can save you time, money, and further distress. At Empire Law, our Yonkers family law attorneys have had many great successes in helping parties resolve disputed issues and will do the same for you.

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