5 Important Questions to Ask before Marriage

At Empire Law, we see many families with marital disputes. We believe one of the best ways to avoid divorce is to reduce the amount of unknown factors between you and your spouse before you decide to tie the knot. When planning to spend the rest of you lift with someone, you want to get to know him or her as much as you can before you are legally bound together.

Here are the most common questions our Yonkers divorce attorney believes you should ask your spouse before getting married. Now, some of these aren’t easy topics to breach, so we suggest you set aside some time where you both can discuss this freely and without interruption.

1. Were you married before?

Ask your potential spouse if they were married before. They might be financially obligated to pay child support or spousal support from their previous marriage, which could affect your monthly finances together. If your future spouse has children from a previous marriage, you might also wish to discuss the relationship they would like you to have with their children.

2. Do you want to have children?

Whether this is your first marriage or second, this is another important question to ask your spouse before you get married. Becoming a parent is the greatest goal for some people and their worst fear for others, discussing children before you agree to commit to one another can prevent heartache down the road.

3. How important is religion in your life?

Faith can be an incredibly important feature in some people’s lives, and insignificant in others. Before you agree to spend forever together, discuss what type of role religion plays in their lives. If you have different ideas, your dialogue should include boundaries and expectations both partners can respectfully uphold.

4. What are your sexual needs?

Your sexual needs could differ significantly from your partners. Discussing sexual preferences, kinks, and fantasies might be a bit embarrassing, but opening up the dialogue about your intimate needs could prevent further frustration, anger or embarrassment down the road.

5. How do you manage your money?

In some of our divorce cases, we’ve heard of spouses keeping their finances a total secret. While there is certainly nothing wrong with keeping your finances separate, you should discuss who is responsible for paying what bills, especially if one spouse makes significantly less.

Do you need a family law attorney?

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