4 Easy Tips to Survive Your Workday During Divorce

During a divorce, the uncertainty of your future can build until your fears, anxieties and stresses are all consuming. There can be days where you are joyous to start your new single journey, but other times you might wake up filled with debilitating sadness and grief. These feelings of intense sadness and loneliness peppered with short bursts of happiness are normal while you are going through a divorce, but they can hinder your ability to be productive at work.

In this blog, our Yonkers divorce lawyer shares 4 simple tips to help get through your workday.

1.Clear your desk

If your desk is filled with pictures from your marriage, take these photos down. Looking at photos from your past could only send your brain into a downward spiral of sadness. Instead, replace those photos with something positive. Look up somepowerful positive printable mantras you can hang up, or find a photo of a place that makes you feel calm, like your favorite lake or beach.

2.Block messages about divorce

While you are at work, try to refrain from answering phone calls, emails and text messages about divorce from your friends, family or even your divorce attorney. Opening text messages regarding your divorce could ruin your day. Many smartphone models have a do not disturb mode you can set for different times during the day. Check your settings to see how you can enable this feature on your phone.

3.Keep busy

Often people going through an emotional time find that keeping their mind busy can help them get through the day. Try taking on another task so you can keep from focusing on your divorce. This is a temporary fix, though! You will eventually have to confront your feelings and allow yourself time to process your divorce.

4.Take short mood boosting breaks

Do silly dog videos make you laugh? Perhaps you enjoy the calm feelings you get from meditation. Discover what actions can help give you a little mood boost when you feel the most overwhelmed.

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