Should I Wait until After the Holidays to File for Divorce?

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas around the corner, many individuals that are contemplating divorce could be torn on whether or not to wait until January 1st to begin the filing process. Is it worth it to wait or should it be treated like a band-aid that needs to be ripped off? The holidays are about family, but is spending this time in a failing marriage a good choice? These questions and “what if” scenarios can be overwhelming and leave people confused. At Empire Law, our Yonkers divorce attorney can help walk you through the decision process and determine what is best for you, for your family, and for the next chapter of your life.

Ask Yourself This

When clients come to us unsure about whether or not to file for divorce during or after the holidays, we ask them a couple of simple questions. These questions are not meant to steer the client or make them feel like they are leaning towards the wrong choice; instead, these are meant to help the client reflect on what is the best choice for them.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce or waiting, ask yourself:

  • Do I already have holiday plans established, like visiting in-laws or a vacation?
  • Do I have children living at home and will a divorce impact them now?
  • If my children are grown, would they understand my choice to either file now or wait?
  • How will spending time around family impact my decision to either file or wait?
  • Is my spouse abusive towards me and/ or my children?
  • Does my spouse abuse alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other things?
  • Has there been a recent betrayal or affair that has caused a lot of pain?

Most people who have younger children choose to wait until the holiday season is over to begin the filing process, but that solution does not fit every family or scenario. If you are still unsure about what you want to do, contact our Yonkers divorce lawyer today and speak with a member of our family law team.