After a Divorce, What Should I Do with My Ring?

When it comes to the question of what to do with the wedding ring after a divorce, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer. Depending on the individual and their marriage, they may choose to be practical or sentimental. A divorce can be a very emotional time, and there is nothing wrong with deciding to be sentimental or symbolic with your wedding ring. Choosing what to do with it is more about what will most help you move on from the past and begin this new chapter of your life. Our Yonkers divorce lawyers explain some suggestions we provide our clients when they ask about what they should do with their wedding ring.

Different things you can do with your wedding ring:

  • Sell it. Selling your ring seems to be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when deciding how to proceed. Some jewelry has excellent resale value and can provide a large return. You can choose to keep the money, use it for legal fees, or even use it to start something new, like a business venture or vacation.
  • Donate it. Donating a ring to a favorite charity is a way an individual can give back. If there is a particular charity that is dear to your heart, donating the proceeds is a lovely option.
  • Save it. Many people who have children may choose to save their rings, either because they would like to give it to their children when it is time for them to get married or just as a memento.
  • Redesign it. It is easy to take any piece of jewelry and create a new piece with it. By taking parts of the ring, it can be turned into something entirely new, even a necklace or part of a new ring. It is a great way to remember that that part of your life, even if you are moving on to a new part.
  • Let it go. Some people just need to symbolic gesture of saying goodbye to a ring, and that’s okay! Whether you choose to bury it, cast it into the ocean, or release a balloon with your ring attached, find a way to let it go that will be meaningful to you.

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