I've Begun the Divorce Process-Can I Still Hire a Lawyer?

Have you already signed the divorce petition? Many people feel confident that they can represent themselves at the beginning of their divorce. This may be particularly true if there are very few assets or no children involved. However, at Empire Law, we believe that there are many reasons why having an attorney can help with protecting your assets and safeguarding your best interests in the long run.

Filing for a Change of Attorney

If you initially chose to represent yourself in your divorce case, you can always revisit your petition and file a Consent to Change Substitution of Attorney. You always have the option to represent yourself. However, this does not relinquish your right to retain legal representation as well. Your new attorney will then send the new substitution form to the courts, which is a quick and straightforward process.

These are the advantages of having an attorney working on your case:

  • An attorney is impartial and can offer more objective advice and opinions
  • An attorney can decipher any complicated legal jargon so that know what your rights are
  • An attorney can prepare all of the legal documents and make sure they are filed on time
  • Experienced Yonkers divorce lawyers know what to anticipate in family court
  • Lawyers also know how to engage in negotiations with other attorneys
  • Can help achieve a settlement that works for your best interests

Many people choose to hire attorneys upon learning that their spouse has retained one. This can be hurtful and even be misconstrued as an act of betrayal, especially if you and your spouse had agreed to make the divorce as painless as possible. Hiring an attorney is an intensely personal decision, and there are also various legal costs to consider. However, having a divorce lawyer may prove to be an invaluable decision in ensuring that your case is resolved to your satisfaction.

If you have any further questions about your divorce matter, please do not hesitate to contact Empire Law for a free case evaluation.