Why You Should Unfriend Your Ex on Social Media

When you are experiencing a divorce or a breakup, one question on your mind is: Should I unfriend my ex? Every relationship and end of a relationship is different. In some cases it can be a mutual split, while in other cases it can be a heated ending.

If you’re experiencing trouble moving on after a divorce or breakup, here are several reasons why unfriending your ex on social media is the best move:

  • Stalking is not healthy. I might be tempting to constantly check on your ex’s social media activity after a breakup or divorce. According to an Ohio State University study, those who stalk their exes online do so as a coping mechanism that actually does more harm than good, triggering negative feelings and making it more difficult to move on.
  • You won’t be tempted to reach out to them. Cutting off contact prevents you from sending messages explaining your side of things or waiting for them to come back.
  • You don’t have to pretend. While experiencing an end of a relationship can be terrible, having to walk around acting like everything is fine can be worse. Putting up a front because you know that your ex will see will not make things any better.
  • Avoid a “race to move on.” One fear we all experience is one day logging in and seeing your ex posting pictures with a new flame, or seeing a change in relationship status. Healing from a divorce or relationship should not be a race to see who can move on the fastest.
  • You’ll feel free. If you’re not virtually connected with your ex anymore, you may feel a huge sense of freedom from your past. Once you eliminate the source of drama in your life, then you are ready to start a fresh new chapter.

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