Top 5 Communication Tools for Co-Parents

If children are involved in your divorce, then you understand that a relationship with your ex-spouse will still continue after the marriage officially ends. Effective communication is an important factor when it comes to successful co-parenting.

However, it can be an arduous challenge to follow an extensive schedule, decide who gets which holidays to spend with the children, or make changes when something comes up. Fortunately, there are several co-parenting communication tools available to ensure that everything goes according to plan and your relationship with the other parent is a healthy and amicable one.

The following are the top five communication tools for co-parents:

  1. Coparently – This app offers online and mobile communication tools to assist co-parents by improving scheduling problems, helping them communicate more effectively, and tracking shared expenses, and collecting information. After the 30-day free trial, it costs $99 per year, per parent, or $9.99 per month. You can even add your kids to the account so they can use it to communicate with each parent.
  2. Our Family Wizard® - It is an online tool designed particularly for co-parenting families, allowing users to manage every aspect of their shared parenting agreement online and all in one place. The app costs $99 per parent per year, and child accounts are free of charge. According to the company, judges in more than 45 states in the country and four Canadian provinces have ordered families to use the site in high-conflict child custody disputes.
  3. Cozi – It is a free online calendar program that offers free mobile options, meal planning, to do lists, shopping lists, and more. If you want the ad-free experience, it is $19.99 per year.
  4. Google Calender – It is absolutely free and it is a great way to coordinate schedules with the other parent. Just create a calendar and share editing permissions with the other. You can also create automatic reminders.
  5. Talking Parents – It is a different kind of online communication that serves as a system-of-record for all co-parenting communications. If either you or the other parent need to provide proof of correspondence to the courts, Talking Parents enables you to do so. The tool is free, but downloading a record can cost $3.99 per download or $4.99.

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